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Neurofeedback is a groundbreaking modularity unlocking the brain’s capabilities for people of all ages.

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We’ve built a wide resource library aimed at giving individuals easy access to practical content, research, and articles to help effectively navigate the vast landscape of neurofeedback, and maximize its benefits.

Areas of Focus

Attention & Concentration

Neurofeedback trains the brain’s attention network, improving concentration, focus, and memory retention for enhanced performance.

Emotional Regulation

Neurofeedback retrains brainwave patterns through operant conditioning, creating a relaxed state of well-being and improving regulation, reducing symptoms.

Stress Mangement

Chronic stress negatively impacts life. Regulating the stress response brings benefits like improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and increased happiness.

Peak Performance

Neurofeedback training enhances brain function, benefiting high-performers and anyone seeking to improve. It’s increasingly popular for gaining a competitive edge and managing stress.

Sleep & Fatigue

Neurofeedback improves sleep by regulating brain states, helping you fall and stay asleep, addressing fatigue and dysregulation.

Headaches & Migrains

Neurofeedback training reduces migraine frequency and intensity by balancing brain function, leading to fewer and less intense headaches.

Pain Management

Neurofeedback training combats chronic pain by targeting brain activity and reducing related symptoms like poor sleep and stress. It has a positive effect on the whole system.

Behavioral Management

Neurofeedback addresses behavior issues and cognitive difficulties, leading to sustained changes and symptom reduction in various disorders.

Stories & Case Studies

Neurofeedback Specialist

Jennifer Gerada

” Unleashing the true power of the brain is akin to witnessing magic. I am fueled by a passion for the science that enables this remarkable ability. “


Driven by a passion for understanding the biology of the brain and mental wellbeing, Jennifer Gerada dedicated her MSc (Psych) thesis to an EEG study exploring the correlation between brain activity, personality, and affective disorders. With over 14 years of experience in the field, she is a highly skilled Neurofeedback specialist.

In 2010, she led the initiative to introduce Neurofeedback to Malta, demonstrating her commitment to advancing this field and the biology of mental health. Jennifer’s unique approach emphasises teaching individuals to manage work-life balance, unlock potential, maximise performance, and enhance self-regulation.

Mentored by esteemed professionals, Jennifer possesses a profound understanding of the intricacies of Neurofeedback, including the various methods within this modality and their applications. Her ability to combine different approaches allows her to create bespoke training programs tailored to the needs of individuals





Masters of Science (MS) in Psychology

University of Derby

Bachelors of Arts (Honours) Social Sciences 

University of Witwaterstrand

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Brookhaven College

28 21st September Avenue, Naxxar

[email protected]



Neurofeedback Certifications


QEEG Candidate, qEEG

Stress Therapy Solutions

qEEG Didactic Certification, qEEG


BCIA Didactic Certification, Neurofeedback

Learning Recovery in Association with Society of Applied Neuroscience

qEEG/ERP Practical Didactic, Neurofeedback

Society of Applied Neuroscience Neuroscience

Neurofeedback Training

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Jennifer Gerada

MSc (Psych), BA (Hons), QEEG-DC, BCIA Didactic Certification